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  3. Had to make a stop (at The Weathervane Cafe)

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    Here’s today’s Daily GIF!


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  6. Business Ladies Needed.

    I need some Ad.Vice. From witchy, businessy ladies such as myself. About WERK stuff. 

    Back in May I started a new job at a start-up that has led to a lot of work, stress, late nights, traveling and working with sometimes difficult but overall well meaning clients. I’ve learned a completely new data platform, taken over managing our Twitter account, creating a full suite of training documentation, where previously there was none, writing release notes as well as supporting and troubleshooting with clients non-stop. 

    And a lot of it has been great. I am challenged and learning new stuff. I feel like I’m good at my job and I get to work with one of my best friends in the world. 

    Now, I recently deduced (I have excellent deductions skills) that one woman I work with (same title, same start date) makes more than me. Like A LOT MORE and she srsly does maybe 1/4 of the work that I do and I am constantly covering shit for her.

    I know that money is made up front and everything and if I had had a better sense of the overall workload of this job I would have negotiated harder? But I just don’t know what to do now, next. Can I tell me boss that basically money ain’t a thang, but also it is? Do I just have to deal with it? Drop the mic and walk out? 

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    So Far, This Fifth Grader’s Diary Entry is the Most Punk Rock Thing Ever

    Nothing screams punk like i’s dotted with hearts.

    "But if the Dead Kennedies do not like the man so don’t I." Is there a single-tear emoticon? —Lars


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    Neko Case - Middle Cyclone

    I can’t give up actin’ tough
    It’s all that I’m made of
    Can’t scrape together quite enough
    To ride the bus to the outskirts of the fact that I need love

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