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  2. "She was the kind of hard-drinking, salty-talking dame that they don’t make anymore…"
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    Ok, hear me out: breakfast salads are actually pretty great.

  5. "I wish that I could, but I’m so close to finishing season one of ‘Damages’, and I made this, like, amazing cashew stir-fry for the week, so I’m actually pretty booked."

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    Found outside a random bar in Denver #pmdmc #public

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  8. A new slow shutter iPhone app and a crazy Colorado lightning storm. Coincidence

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    No Weave Wall Hanging | The Kipi Blog

    A lot of 80’s style crafts are making a comeback right now - including woven wall hangings - but in updated styles. But if you’re craft-challenged or just don’t have the time to macrame, this gorgeous piece is the perfect answer! Instead of knotting, this piece knots the yarn with thread and then ties the bunches onto a plastic canvas. You should be able to knock this out in an afternoon and enjoy your new retro, hand made and entirely one-of-a-kind piece of art!

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    Modern Hexagon Art | Nalle’s House

    Before I found etsy, and before the internet, I had to make do with pictures torn from magazines as art on my walls. So sad. These days, there are so many amazing (free!) pieces available online that you can print off at the click of a button - how lucky are we?! This modern hexagon piece has gorgeous colours and will work with so many different interiors. Print it off and frame it, and be thankful for beautiful art and the internet.